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웨이브 솔더링 플럭스 390-RX-HT
This high-reliability flux is specifically developed for higher thermal impacts (high/long preheat with increased contact times) like in Pb-free wave soldering. The flux shows high SIR values under the most critical test conditions.

IPC J-STD-004 classification REL0

COBAR FLUX 390 RX-HT is one of VOC (Alcohol solvent base) product from Cobar.
FLUX 390 RX-HT is well known Technology in the world, using moderate preheat process to give the best surface reliability for soldering process.
FLUX 390 RX-HT has optimum performance with SN100C solder alloys.


Cobar wave soldering flux 390-RX-HT

Physical and chemical properties                           

SG @ 20 °C [kg/dm3] (+/- 0.5%) 0.813
Solids content [% w/w] 2.20
Halides [Silver-Chromate Test] Pass
Halides [Potentiometric] Pass
Acid number [mgKOH] (+/-2.5%) 15.80
Water content [% w/w] 5.
VOC-content [% w/w] 92.00
Filmformer(s) synthetic
Flashpoint COC [°C] 12.4
Odor alcoholic
Color colorless
Telcordia/bellcore TR-NWT-000078/3 qualified
Test report(s) avaiblabe
Certificate of Compliance available
Environmental Load Unit 6.00
RoHS-Compliance Certificate available
User's Guidelines english
Thinner 425-00
Can (HDPE) [liter] 10
Drum (HDPE) [liter] 200
Shelf-life (Weeks)  
Storage 20 [°C] 78.
Storage 25 [°C] 52.